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Green Web Hosting

If your business is already environmentally friendly or working to get there, consider moving your website over to a host that shares the same values. Green web hosts rely on sustainable renewable energy sources to power their servers. Typically they also have a backup generator or are connected to the grid in the event something happens. That way you get the same reliability with a green host as you would any other.

Other hosts can’t always work well off of renewable energy. Often they are in regions incompatible with wind power or solar panels. However, they offset their usage by purchasing carbon credits.

Also be sure to choose a server that runs Linux or FreeBSD. Open Source tends to be more reliable than its closed source counter parts and is often free.

  • AISO.net relies completely on solar power. They run Windows and Linux servers. Plans start at $10/month.
  • ThinkHost uses solar and wind power. Their employees telecommute to further cut any potential emissions. They use a FreeBSD (think Unix) server. Hosting starts at $7.95 per month.
  • RackSpace doesn’t push the green aspect of their business like the others do. I’m not sure they even use green power. However, they do plant a tree for every server sold and that’s worth mentioning.
  • Sustainable Websites uses 100% wind power. They utilize Red Hat Linux and CentOS to power their servers. Plans start at $10/month.

If you’re a green web host seeking a little free advertising, let me know.  This site gets around 30 hits a day so its reasonable advertising.  I know that there must be more than four green hosts on the Internet, I just can’t find them.