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Microbes Make Faster Hydrogen

Penn State researchers have developed a way to convert waste water into hydrogen more efficiently and faster through the use of microbes. Hydrogen has continued to be viewed as the wonder fuel but many are extremely critical due to the process it takes to make it and then the safety of storing it. Of course, everyone cites a single blimp crashing and burning (ie, the Hindenburg). While I admit I don’t want my car to be a giant ball of fire in an accident, it can also happen with gasoline (though gas isn’t as volatile, its bad enough).

I personally would love my car to emit water when I drive. I’d feel pretty good about myself and the environment.


The National Science Foundation reports on this and Penn State also had a press release available.

Why laptops aren’t damned laptops anymore

Once upon a time… in a computing land a long time ago, laptops weighed in at 20 lbs and that was a lightweight model. Then technology improved and laptops became smaller and lighter. There were 12.1″ models that weighed in at 4 lbs. That’s light. That’s small. And that’s just an example. There were an even smaller lighter models for the extremist.

Then came HP. God, I hate them.


The HDX lap…er…um. I guess its a desk-laptop. I don’t know what to call it. This mean machine weighs in at 15 lbs with a 20.1″ screen. The friggin’ box weighs about 25 lbs when they ship it to you.


This is pretty sweet for mobile entertainment. Its just not practical for mobility. Isn’t that what notebooks are for? Hmm… check out this huge…no, GIANT! notebook at HP.