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Eco (and cheap) Cleaning

Our kitchen cleaning, germ fighting, air sanitizing chemicals may do wonderful things for the appearance of our bathrooms, kitchens, or even the air in our house. Or they are maybe coating our homes with crap we would never dream of drinking or breathing otherwise.

Plus, who wants to spend all kinds of money on cleaners? Poor people unite and get these basic ingredients: water, vinegar, baking soda, and any good strong citrus fruit. According to Mark’s Daily Apple, there’s little (or nothing) that can’t be cleaned in your home with these. Use water and vinegar to clean your counter tops. Rub some baking soda in as an abrasive to loosen dried on gunk. Rent a steam cleaner and use vinegar (or use white wine–oh what a waste!) to clean your carpets. A little bit of citrus (squeeze the lemon directly on) can remove nasty grease.

My advise, go with Mark’s ideas but skip the readers’ comments. The basic ingredients listed are all you really need to get your home quite clean. Plus, keeping these few things on hand is pretty cheap. Heck, I even bake a little with baking soda. And white wine sure is tasty.