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To Do List

If you’re looking for something inspirational to do…maybe you’ve watched the Bucket List or are just feeling grim about life, check out Snowed In: Awesomeness/Awesome Things To Do In Life.  While its exceedingly rare that I care to write about someone’s blog like this, I stumbled on it and fell it love.  Its really quite simply things but ideas we can all incorporate.  How about starting a window garden?  I’ve been thinking of doing it this spring.  I really do love fresh basil and parsley.  How about hanging up your clothes to dry?  Sadly, I can’t always do that as I lack a whole lot of room (I do live in apartment) and its the middle of winter so the outdoors in not a cheery idea.

Anyhow, maybe my kind readers have something to contribute?  My personal to do list for this year includes biking to work consistently.  First, I have to get a bike and then actually wake up earlier enough to ride it.  Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the exercise and quiet ride.

So please share.  What are you doing or want to do that’s out of the ordinary for you?