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Ethanol Economy

I have some distinctly mixed feelings on moving to ethanol.  Mostly, my regard is to the supply side of the entire issue.  Ethanol is primarily produced from corn in the United States.  We tend to use most of our corn to feed animals which we later eat (pretty inefficient) or we eat it directly.  The problem is that by producing the ethanol from our food source, we’re slowly limiting our food source.  Of course, if we bypassed the animal part of the equation, we would save tremendous amounts of grain.  Plus, the few animals we do use can be fed from leftovers of the ethanol brewing process.  Hmm..  I know there’s quite a bit more to the whole issue.  I see this as a mild supplement but never as a replacement to our fuel dilemma.

This post was ultimately sparked by a representation of all this at Frostfireseeds.com.

Small Scale Wind Power

This guy is brilliant. Typical wind power does in fact rely on spinning something, usually mighty large. This guy got away from that idea completely. Watch the video to understand.

Solared Powered Vibrator?!

I know all the ladies out there want to really leave their favourite toy in the sun for everyone to see while its charging. Wowzer.

There’s not much else to say. Solar Power Rocks has the story.

–shakes head and walks away from computer–

Solar Powered Vibrator

Solar Powered Prius

Solar Electrical Vehicles offers a kit to convert your existing Prius into a solar powered (well, not totally) car. They claim to get 20 miles per day in total electric mode. Makes pretty good sense to me. I drive about 2 miles one way to work. On that basis, most days I would never have to

burn gas to get anywhere.

Solar Prius