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Greener Business

Another one from Fast Company, 50 Ways to Green Your Business lends examples of how the big guys did it.

From the article:

38 Paper or plastic? The unsatisfying answer is neither. Retailers including Ikea and Trader Joe’s sell heavy-duty polypropylene sacks designed to be reused. But how do you get convenience-obsessed American shoppers actually to use them again? Timberland‘s (NYSE:TBL) “Trash Is My Bag” totes (made from recycled plastic bottles) cost $5.50 each or come free with a $100 purchase; to encourage reuse–and more shopping at Timberland–each bag doubles as a 10%-off coupon through the end of 2008.

Definitely take tips for your own business, I’m sure you’ll get some lovely insight. I also learned a few things about companies that I never would have imagined. Plus don’t pass up #50 Hire This Guy. I think I want that job.

Update  Sorry about the coloring on the quote.  I hadn’t noticed that the blockquote was a different color.  CSS is great but not when you can’t change it (for a free anyway) and someone else wrote it.