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Worst Computer Mods, Part 1

This has nothing to do with the environment or being green, even really computers for that matter. Its just a really awful mod involving condoms, LEDs, and the computer. Wow.

Magnum Condom Sound Activated LED – video powered by Metacafe

One Beautiful System

This person made a nice case for their um…computer? Hmm…its definitely a big sign of ultimate geekiness when one builds a computer case resembling a woman. But its still quiet well done and worth a big mention. See it all at Popuplace.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Wishlist: Monitor Wall

While this is extremely un-green and probably uses as much electricity in a day as I do in an entire month, the geek in me still craves for this kind of crazy setup. Wow. Please, someone, help? Maybe just a couple of monitors? I don’t need all 24, maybe 4, 6, even 8?

Multi Display Setup

Mac Makes Linux Pretty

This article has been updated with new how-to instructions.

Victorian Laptop

Datamancer’s Victorian style laptop is definitely cool in a very old nostalgic way. Featuring brass accents, claw feet, a gear driven clock, and a wood case, its simply beautiful. I wish I was gutsy enough (and creative enough) to do something this bold with my own laptop. Even better, Datamancer runs XP and Ubuntu on it. Custom built keyboards are also available and look like a great accessory. Seems to be that everything is generally for sale.


Datamancer Victorian Laptop

 Datamancer Victorian Laptop Quill

 Datamancer Victorian Laptop Closed

Datamancer Keyboard

Sorry to Datamancer. I could not find a valid working contact or e-mail, otherwise I would have asked permission first. These were too beautiful to pass up mentioning and showing.

Speeding up Firefox – Part 1 of ?

Firefox has been my browser of choice before it was really Firefox (anyone remember those Phoenix and Firebird days?). Its been great. But I like to tweak stuff a lot. A whole lot. So here’s the first in a many for Firefox.

Money Saving Articles actually reports speeding up Firefox by using the about:config command. Its certainly worth a shot and does work.