Sanyo’s Beautiful Solar Array Building

Sanyo has constructed what I would call a beautifully designed building in Japan. This building, known as the Solar Ark, not only collects solar power but also aims to educate visitors about solar power and its history. Buildings like this are critical in expanding solar use in conventional buildings. By showcasing how solar has been effectively used while still remaining aesthetically pleasing, I think Sanyo is not only making it acceptable to go, but fashionable. I hope more corporations can take a cue from this and implement it.

I don’t want to be dismissive of those that have implemented (or are in the process of doing so) solar power. Hewlett-Packard is transforming its head quarters to solar. Google not only uses solar but has spelled its plans for pushing a lot of money into renewable energy (to the effect, they hope, that those technologies will be cheaper than conventional fossil fuels). Even Wal-Mart has tested renewable energy concepts in a couple of its stores (not really enough in comparison to the massive footprint the world’s largest retailer holds but a start).

You can see the Solar Ark in the gallery or learn more about it at the Sanyo Solar Ark site. If you’re visiting Japan, you can also visit the Ark to see the museum or check out the cafe. A bullet train also passes by.

Solar Ark

Sanyo Solar Ark

2 responses to “Sanyo’s Beautiful Solar Array Building

  • Deep Patel

    The solar ark is an amazing peice of work! We dont see this kind of innovative building with solar power here in the USA. We really need to learn from the leaders in renewable energy (japan & germany) of how we can become more energy independant and make it look good at the same time.

  • muddygeek

    First… Thanks for commenting!

    Second… I agree completely. Too many of our buildings are bland old metal and glass. I love the various prospects I’ve encountered since I’ve started this including using the solar panels (if we must be bland, we shall do so efficiently) or else cover the buildings in plants to utilize the sun a different way.

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