IDE/PATA SD Card Adapter

This cool little tool lets you transform your typical Secure Digital memory card into a solid state drive for your computer.  By plugging this in an IDE (or what they call PATA now — Parallel ATA) slot, you can load your preferred OS on the card.  The best advantage is that solid state drives are quite fast and that they can speed up your whole system.  Of course, I could keep a regular hard disk drive around for my regular storage but why dare run your OS of one now?

SD Adapter

There are some other inherint advantages.  These are going to be quieter and use much less energy.  Plus SD cards hold up really well to abuse.  To top it all off, you can buy one for only $25.  The next idea?  Do this with SATA II.  Plus buy an Extreme SD card with the fastest read/write speeds you can find.  Benchmark the difference.

One response to “IDE/PATA SD Card Adapter

  • Kilgore Trout

    You know that is a very good idea for low power consumption, faster speed and lower noise . Your other idea is even better for a sata to sd card hook up. But are there adapters for that? You could use a mother board with external sata connectors and pop in an sd card with the OS of your choice and also do away with the bulky ide cables for better air flow. A computer designed for that would be my ideal system

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