More on gOS, the little OS that couldn’t

This derivative of Ubuntu, known as gOS, has been perhaps the most popular item on my site and for good reason.  Its new.  And from my own personal expression, its really quite sad.

There are plenty of reviews out there that really examine lots of technical crap with it.  I don’t care.  These are my thoughts having messed with it for as long as the typical user would.  I liked some aspects and I cursed others.


  • Ubuntu Repositories turned off by default
    Now this wouldn’t have been a big deal if the gOS repo had something to actually offer.  Basically, if it wasn’t preinstalled, there wasn’t much to add.  I enabled the Ubuntu repos so that I could install something useful.
  • As LinuxPlanet so kindly points out, gOS comes without documentation.
    As I searched for ways to add the eye candy of gOS to my Ubuntu system, I found there really wasn’t anything to even read.  The company offers no real documentation or help.  When you hit their Support Link, you get directed to Faqly.  Everex is beefing up its tech support to deal with the customers of gPC but gOS still offers nothing for its users.
  • Bleeding Edge Hurts Consumers
    If this new kid had just appeared on DistroWatch and wasn’t being sold on a computer system, bleeding edge would be great.  Afterall, someone has to test that software.  But gOS uses Ubuntu which is solid but throws on E17 (Enlightenment Desktop) which is still beta.  If you’re out to get new users, give them something tested and stable.  It will help build confidence with those users.  And consider this market:  Its a $200 PC at Wal-Mart.  It will attract the poor folks who need a cheap simple computer.  GOS is not for them.  Try Linspire, Ubuntu, or Xandros with these folks.  Give them something easy and tested, not beta release eye candy.
  • Don’t use a random photo to say technology is sexy…
  • Don’t sell through Wal-Mart
    If you’re about being a “green” company, Wal-Mart is not the first place to go.  Consider marketing directly to green customers.  Consider Staples (as they have their huge Eco Easy push) or go direct online.
  • Web Apps aren’t ready
    Grouping the distro with Google Apps may seem like a good idea, its not so if there’s nothing offline to work with.  OpenOffice should be installed by default.  (I’m reading now that some people have OOo installed by default, anyone want to confirm?)
  • Poor Hardware Support
    I take full advantage of Ubuntu’s Restricted Driver Manager.  That’s how I make my laptop’s wireless work as well as install the proprietary video card drivers.  Its not there in gOS.  On my laptop, I could not never configure my wifi card correctly.
  • No Recycling Bin
    Enough said?


  •  Huge Splash
    First off, this unknown distro has created so much talk its ridiculous.  It came out of nowhere and has been going like crazy.
  • Tight Integration with Google
    The g in gOS is for good or green (depending on what you read), not Google as many had hoped for.  However, gOS still offers all the Google apps as your fingertips.  You do get quick access to Google and other handy links.
  • Nice Eye Candy
    When I first saw this distro, I thought they were copying Mac OS X.  Perhaps they are.  The toolbar at the bottom is certainly reminiscent of OS X.

My suggestion?  Install Ubuntu (or better yet, Linux Mint) and add in Enlightenment.


One response to “More on gOS, the little OS that couldn’t

  • exneo

    While I agree that its bad to sell a pc for poor people with a bleeding edge OS, You were a little over critical I downloading gOs now, for one it uses bleeding edge software and for people like me who are trying the live cd, second this product will also attract geeks with cheap parents who want a computer for christmas, third this is the closest thing to goobuntu that we’ll get so be thankful, fourth,even though its a little hypocritical that they sell through walmart, this is one of the begining steps in the death of microsoft this is a good step after dell starts supporting ubuntu
    p.s. I love the dock at the bottom it looks like osx and for a guy who cant afford a mac its certainly a step in the right direction

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