Ubuntu Gaming

While I’m hoping someday to compile the most comprehensive list of Ubuntu games available (or easy how-to’s for making games run under Ubuntu), I’m not there yet. I have a hard enough time finding games I really truly like. Most first person shooters have no realistic movement to them. You just glide along. I digress.

If you’re like me and wanting to find some real kick ass games, I have the start of a major hook up. Firstly, check out Ubuntu Games. They have a great listing of all available games that can run on Ubuntu Linux. Not all of these games are free in either sense (beer or money). And only a couple pages are in English. The rest appears to be in Spanish. I don’t do Spanish so poor me. I’ll still be checking this out occasionally for something new to play.

Another great source of Ubuntu games is Ubuntu’s own site. The Community Help page for Games has a listing of what’s included directly in Ubuntu as well as other games that run well but aren’t packed as debs yet. This includes download links and legitimate installation instructions for games ranging from America’s Army to Quake 4 to Freecol.


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