gPC + gOS Developers Kit

The motherboard found in the gPC is now available in a developers kit. This kit basically just includes the board and a gOS disk to get you started. LinuxDevices has a full run down on what this board has to offer.

While this may have a slow processor, the system still takes 2GB DDRII RAM. Video is integrated but you can one PCI slot available. Someone wanting to crank out a little more speed here does have serious options. Stick 2 GB RAM in it and throw in a decent graphics card, you’ll probably get a fairly responsive system even under Gnome or KDE.

On the other hand, the Via C7-D integrated process found on this system draws a max 20 watts under load. Compare that with my Athlon 64 with pulls some 59 watts or new higher end processors that pull 85 watts or more. Even for low end processors, the Celeron still takes 86 watts in most cases. This makes the Via or even the gPC an interesting possibility for a lot of uses. Imagine setting this as a terminal in libraries or putting these in schools. Even placing one in your home for your regular Internet browsing (because I know you leave it on all the time) and keep a separate machine for gaming turned off but for when you need it. There could be some massive energy savings.

gOS Board

Interesting side note I picked up from LinuxDevices: gOS was started by Everex, the PC manufacturer. Though I suspected there was more to play in all this than an unknown distro suddenly getting attention, it helps when the PC maker develops its own distro (or in this case, modded Ubuntu for its purposes). I’m still disappointed though. When I checked Everex’s site, the gPC remains the only system running any form of Linux. They still have my respect for making a line of energy efficient systems.


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